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Our Five Year Plan 


We recognise that there can be no lasting change without political power, and with that in mind, the primary objective of the Party is to achieve political power in Great Britain. In order to do this, we will work towards the following three objectives as part of our Five-Year Plan:


  1. To mobilise and organise pro-active leaders at a town/city/county level who will, in a few years, provide the basis for co-ordinating electoral campaigns in that area. The Party needs to cultivate a strong foundation of Officers who will be able to carry out autonomous activity that works towards the Party objectives.
  2. To organise the supply of resources in the form of money, manpower, physical assets and venues. The Party must ensure that any plans and campaigns are properly resourced, which means working to accumulate those resources.
  3. To provide public events at which people can engage with the Party, which will enable new people to enter the movement as a whole. Growth of the Party is essential for any kind of success and therefore growth, and the bringing in of new supporters, must be a persistent priority.


These three points are the most basic overview, but they highlight exactly why the Party is laying the foundation for success: Because everything we do is forward-looking, visionary, and focussed on long-term objectives. We cannot succeed without your help, which is why the Party encourages all of its supporters to Join, Donate or Get In Touch today.


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Alek Yerbury,

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